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About NanoVision

AWe are one of India’s leading Manufacturer, supplier, exporter of Foldable Intraocular Lenses, IOLs, Ophthalmic Solutions & Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments.

NanoVision is promoted to supply quality IOLs at very low cost to the poor of the workd with a vision of achieving “We Create Vision”.

Currently our products are distributed in over 15 countries.

Our products are manufactured using highest quality raw materials and also using Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) system.  Manufacturing famility of our OEM is over 50,000 plus sqft, equipped with state of art machinery and calibrating instruments.  We have a manufacturing capacity of 75,000 PMMA Intraovular leses, 50,000 Hydrophilic Intraocular lenses and 20,000 Hydrophobic Intraocular lenses per month and our capacity keeps growing.

NanoVision is also an eye care product and medical ophthalmic equipment provider with quality products and service at competitive prices in India.

Our IOLs and Ophthalmic products are compliant to UV blocking light, made of natural Hydrophilic Acrylic having optic equi-convex designs, in different compact designs requiring no daily cleaning, allowing natural levels of oxygen for healthy white eye clear vision.

NanoVision spans its wings in four segments of eye care products as

Intraocular Lens (IOLs)
Ophthalmic Surgical Equipment
Opthalmic Surgical Instruments
Contact Lens

NanoVision’s state-of-the-art technology enables to achieve highest level of precision and consistency in our high quality Nano Lens (IOL) and Optical products. Our manufacturing process meets all the certification requirements of major International standards.